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2020年-09月-29日 来源:永利402官方网站登录
  永利402官方网站登录马来西亚有限公司于2009年在马来西亚雪兰莪州正式成立,为永利402官方网站登录在马来西亚设立的直属分公司,旨在为马来西亚顾客提供永利402官方网站登录的优质产品,公司将于今年10月正式在市场上推出经马来西亚药监部门认证批准的传统药品MEBO® GIC(中国本土名称:美宝胃肠胶囊)。
Solemn Statement
  MEBO HEALTHCARE SDN BHD. was formally established in Selangor, Malaysia in 2009. It is a direct subsidiary of MEBO group in Malaysia. It aims to provide high-quality products of MEBO group to Malaysian customers. In October this year, the company will officially launch the traditional medicine MEBO® GIC approved by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Malaysia. (Original product name in China: MEBO® Gastrointestinal capsule).
  In view of the illegal smuggling and selling of fake and shoddy products in the market in recent years, which has caused extremely bad impact on the image of our company and product quality, our company has decided to formally start to safeguard our own legitimate rights and interests from now on. Any third party in Malaysia who promote and sell MEBO products in the name of general agent, authorized agent, partners or other forms claimed in Malaysia is illegal and unauthorized without formal authorization of MEBO group. Our company reserves the right to take legal action and other further measures.
  At present, the official website of our company has been officially launched, and the products displayed on the website are official products imported from regular channels. We must identify the fake products from the regular channels and avoid the harm of counterfeit products. In terms of the non-official products currently found in the Malaysian market, our company does not assume any quality assurance and related responsibilities for the products purchased through unofficial channels and purchased directly from overseas.
  In the future, MEBO will legally curb the unofficial and fake MEBO products. We hope our customers will continue to follow us. We promise to return your support and love with the most valuable product, the highest quality, the latest batch and the fastest supply speed from our factory.
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